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Human Rights Violations

Sanam Javed rearrested for the 8th time in a propped-up case, after bail in 7 cases



Sanam Javed arrested

In a blatant mockery of the law, PTI supporter Sanam Javed has been rearrested for the 8th time after her bail was approved in the 7th bogus case against her.

On this occasion, Sanam Javed has been arbitrarily arrested on charges of causing a law and order situation in Mianwali, Faisalabad and Shotkot!

Sanam has remained in illegal detention since the events of May 9, 2023. Despite being granted bail in multiple cases, Sanam has been rearrested on each occasion immediately after her release.

For context, in the first 6 cases that Sanam has been charged with, the police alleged that Sanam Javed was simultaneously present and caused a law and order situation at 6 different locations in Lahore, that are 20 km apart. This should explain the nature of the cases against her and the intentions behind her repeated arrests.

Look at the spread of the cases Sanam Javed is charged with:

Sanam javed arrests
In the first 6 cases, the police had alleged that Sanam Javed caused a law and order situation in 6 different locations of Lahore, simultaneously!

Now, Sanam Javed has, yet again, been arbitrarily arrested, this time for cases filed in Mianwali, Faisalabad and Shorkot.

It should also be noted that Sanam’s Husband, Professor Atiq Riaz was also illegally arrested by the police and was kept in detention for 220 days, only in effort to stifle Sanam’s spirit and force her to step back.

Since April 2022, after toppling Imran Khan’s government through a military-backed vote of no-confidence, the Pakistani regime has blatantly violated human rights in an effort to suppress Imran Khan’s movement. These human rights violations include and are not limited to threats, harassment, illegal and arbitrary detentions, abductions, and violence.