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Pakistan: Documenting Election Rigging & Stolen Mandate

Pakistan Elections 2024 witnessed the worst election rigging and fraud in Pakistan’s history.



pakistan elections rigging

Election rigging has been a defining feature of Pakistani politics. However, Pakistan Elections 2024 witnessed the worst election rigging and fraud in Pakistan’s history. Even before the elections, the entire process was marred by irregularities and injustice, and the state machinery was blatantly weaponized to push the largest political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), out of contention. Despite all the unconstitutional and fascist tactics employed, Pakistanis came out on election day to give a clear message: “Ghulami Na-Manzoor.” Or as the eloquent Asad Rahim Khan beautifully put it, “The day Pakistan voted in defiance, and hope.”

By the night of 8th Feb 2024, PTI-backed candidates had swept the elections, with commanding leads across the country.

Pakistan election initial results
PTI-backed independent candidates commanded a significant lead as results started coming out

At this stage, around 5 am on 9th February 2024, the authorities entered the RO offices and the results were stopped.

This was followed by a blatant disregard for the public mandate, and fake results were announced by manipulating results on Form 47.

Election Rigging through Form 45 & Form 47

Historically, election rigging in Pakistan was carried out by manipulating Form 45s, whereby fake votes were cast to influence the results. However, since Pakistanis came out in huge numbers, election rigging through Form 45 became ineffective, and hence, authorities decided to rig elections by manipulating Form 47. Take a look at what Form 45 and Form 47 are:

Form 45

Form 45 is the result count of each polling station of the constituency. It is also called as “Result of the Count” form and is a crucial record in the Pakistani electoral process. Form 45 documents the outcomes of the voting at each polling station. It is an official election certificate issued by the returning officer (RO) to each candidate of the Constituency. It is issued after the ballot paper votes are counted by the staff and issued after being signed and stamped by each polling agent, along with his or her thumbprint to certify it. 

Form 45 includes these details:

  • Information about the polling station including the polling station number, constituency name, total registered voters, total votes cast, and a detailed breakdown of votes received by each candidate contesting from there
  • The number of ballot papers received, used, unused, and rejected
  • The number of votes secured by each contesting candidate

Form 45 enables candidates to independently verify the votes they have received, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process. Form 45 is supposed to be issued by midnight at the latest, and results are supposed to be announced by 2 am the following day. In case of any delays in announcing results, the ECP must make an official statement and disclose the cause of the delay. 

Form 47

Form 47 is the consolidated result that is prepared on the basis of all Form 45 of the constituency. Form 47 offers insights into the overall voting process of the constituency and aids in identifying discrepancies or anomalies in the voting outcomes.

Form 47 provides details about:

  • The number of rejected votes
  • The breakdown of votes for each candidate based on all Form 45s of the constituency

We have major discrepancies in the results shown by Form 45s (issued to all candidates and now publicly available) and the consolidated result prepared by the RO in the form of Form 47. Our analysis shows that authorities have declared incorrect results, in a blatant subversion of the will of the people.

On-going analysis of Form 45 and Form 47 of the National Assembly constituencies where results have been falsely declared during Pakistan Elections 2024

Pakistan madate stolen
Breakdown of parties that have benefitted from the stolen mandate in the National Assembly

A couple of points to note before delving into the results:

  • PTI has won ~180 seats as per Form 45
  • ECP has notified only 94 PTI candidates in Form 47, and declared false results on at least 86 National Assembly seats
  • We have independently analyzed Form 45 and Form 47 of 64/86 NA constituencies. The results of which are shown below

Pakistan Election Fraud

NA46 Islamabad Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Aamer Masood

Pakistan election rigging

NA47 Islamabad Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Shoaib Shaheen

Pakistan election fraud

NA48: Islamabad Election Fraud – PTI candidate: Ali Bukhari

Election fraud in Pakistan

NA49 Attock Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Tahir Sadiq

Election rigging in Pakistan

NA50 Attock Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Eman Tahir

Form 45 vs Form 47

NA51 Murree Cum Rawalpindi Election Manipulation – PTI candidate: Latasab Satti

election rigging pakistan

NA53 Rawalpindi Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Ajmal Sabir Raja

Pakistan elections rigged

NA54 Rawalpindi Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Azra Masood

Pakistan election fraud 2024

NA55 Rawalpindi Election Fraud – PTI candidate: Raja Basharat

Pakistan elections result

NA56 Rawalpindi Elections Rigging – PTI candidate: Shahryar Riaz

Election 2024 results

NA57 Rawalpindi Election Fraud – PTI candidate: Seemabia Tahir

Rawalpindi commissioner election

NA58 Chakwal Election Fraud – PTI candidate: Ayaz Amir

Pakistan election fraud 2024

NA59 Talagang Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Roman Ahmad

Election fraud 2024

NA60 Jhelum Election Fraud – PTI candidate: Hassan Adeel

Jhelum rigging elections

NA61 Jhelum Election Manipulation – PTI candidate: Shaukat Iqbal Mirza

pakistan election fraud 2024

NA63 Gujrat Election Rigging in Pakistan – PTI candidate: Sajid Yusuf

Election manipulation Pakistan

NA64 Gujrat Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Qaisra Elahi

Election rigging Pakistan elections

NA65 Gujrat Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Wajahat Shah

election rigging Pakistan

NA69 Mandi Bahauddin Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Kausar Parveen

Pakistan rigged elections

NA70 Sialkot Election Rigging – PTI candidate: Hafiz Hamid Raza

election rigged Pakistan

NA71 Sialkot Election Rigging – PTI Candidate: Rehana Dar

Pakistan election fraud

NA72 Sialkot Election Fraud

election fraud Pakistan

NA76 Narowal election fraud

election rigging Pakistan

NA77 Gujranwala Election Fraud

election rigging pakistan

NA80 Gujranwala Election Rigging

pakistan fake elections

NA87 Khushab Election Rigging

pakistan election rigging

NA98 Faisalabad Election Fraud

election rigging in Pakistan

NA106 Toba Tek Singh Election Fraud

Election rigging in Pakistan

NA117 Lahore Election Rigging

Election rigging in Pakistan

NA126 Lahore Election Fraud

election fraud pakistan

NA127 Lahore Election Fraud

Election rigging Pakistan

NA128 Lahore Election Rigging – PTI Candidate Salman Akram Raja

Salman Akram Raja election

NA130 Lahore Election Rigging – PTI candidate Dr. Yasmin Rashid

Nawaz sharif yasmin rashid election

NA139 Pakpattan Election Fraud

Pakistan election rigged

NA148 Multan Election Rigging – PTI candidate Taimur Malik

Ali Musa gillani election rigging

NA151 Multan Election Rigging – PTI candidate Mehr Bano Qureshi

meharbano qureshi election

NA158 Vehari Election Rigging

What does Election Rigging mean for Pakistan Democracy and future?

The last 2 years in Pakistan have seen an erosion of Pakistan’s democracy, subversion of Pakistan’s constitution, grave human rights violations, and an economic crisis. The new government that has been formed after blatant rigging and fraud in Pakistan elections 2024 does not have a public mandate. This means that this setup does not have the moral standing to implement policies that are crucial to solving the crises that have plagued the country, particularly Pakistan economic crisis. Moreover, most analysts believe that such a weak setup, which has been formed based on a stolen mandate with no public support will be shortlived. As a result, the political uncertainty will continue, which will be detrimental to Pakistan economy. The economy of Pakistan is currently on the brink of default, and the events in the country will further exacerbate Pakistan’s economic crisis.

The only way out of this crisis is to respect the public mandate, which has been bestowed to Imran Khan and his party, PTI. Though this will only be the first step in the right direction, and the way things are, Pakistan is far from it.